Templars Gear Weighted SAPI Training Plates

Templars Gear Weighted SAPI Training Plates

Templars Gear Weighted SAPI Training Plates

Weighted training plates for your plate carrier are not a new product. However, the guys over at Templars Gear may have just perfected it. 

Traditional training plates are either made of polymer plastics, hard metals, or compacted foam in plastic hardware. 

Those designs all have their downfalls due to durability or comfort.

The Templars Gear SAPI Training Plate is made out of high density PU rubber. The same stuff that coats the dumbbells at your gym. You can drop, throw, and pretty much abuse this plate just like a set of bumper plates at the squat rack. 

The 1.5KG version is completely composed of PU rubber while the 2.5KG version has a steel core in the center for added weight. Just think of it as a dumbbell in the shape of a SAPI plate.

The plates are 10x12 SAPI Multicurve and will fit 99.9% of plate carriers in that spec on the market. I haven't found a plate carrier that has fitment issues yet. 

Overall, this is a great product for protecting your ballistic plates during training or just general fitness. 

If you are an airsofter or larper who is out of shape, get the 1.5KG version and get used to it first before moving up a weight class. Your legs will thank you.



  • So are these estimated to come back in stock anytime soon??

    Shawn on

  • Wow. Finally something I can use to get in shape while larping.

    Jordan on

  • That’s nice.

    Julius on

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