Cloutac HVCD (High Visibility Convertible Dangler)

Introducing our first custom made product by CLOUTAC. The H.V.C.D. High Visibility Convertible Dangler is a design we collaborated within each other for over a year. On the outside its design is the most feature rich concepts we could put into 1 pack with a transparent window. First, and foremost is its utility as a sub-abominable pouch for plate carriers and chest rigs it can fit 4 556 magazines or 3 bang energy drinks standing up, maybe.

secondly it can function as a sling bag / cross body bag by using the provided webbing 1 inch strap attaching with some fancy buckles.  its a super quick process that will have your key belongings all in one place and ready to get out of the house within a minute. hyphalon strap nestles  the Siamese clips for a super secure hold,  the person typing weighs 190 pounds and can hang off a tree with it. In the most worst case situation , you can use it to signal aircraft or rescue by bouncing the sun off it!

the inside features a loop panel on the back for your favorite pouches and other edc items, heck even the hype beast stuff looks nice on there too.

functionality is key here so the back panel that is used to attach to plate carriers tucks away and sits within its own pocket, this little feature makes getting stuff like passports and phones super quick  without having to use the zipper to get in and out. if your in a pinch you can slide a few bucks behind the flap in its own secret pocket 😉 thank you for the support on these endeavors with your help comes many more innovations!