Multi-Caliber Kydex Insert (MCKI) V1.0

Multi-Caliber Kydex Insert aka MCKI is an insert designed to accommodate almost all sizes of magazines. 

Retention adjustments can be adjusted per cell with the included retention straps.
With the cutout design and elastic divider retention straps, it can retain the following:
4x SMG or PCC magazines (MP5, UMP, etc)
3x Rifle Magazines (AR-15/M4, AK-74, etc)
2x Larger Caliber Rifle Magazines (MK-17, AR-10, AK-47/AKM, etc)

There are 2 versions (A and B) 
The versions dictate which velcro sides are attached to the insert.

Version A - One side hook, one side loop
(For placards and plate carriers that use the kangaroo design) 
Your placard or plate carrier has one side hook and one side loop.

Version B - Both sides hook
(For placards that only have loop velcro on the inside, ex: Spiritus MK4, Haley Micro, etc)
Your placard or plate carrier has both sides loop.

Replacement dividers and cut velcro tape will also be available if they were to ever wear out over time. 

Package includes 
1 x MCKI Insert
8 x Elastic Dividers (4 pairs)