Templars Gear PT1 GEN2 Tactical Belt

Color - Ranger Green

PT1 tactical belt is a molle based belt cover with sections that allow the inner belt to be looped over for running holsters or other belt mounted pouches. The inside is made of soft spacer mesh and a closed-foam liner (with plastic stiffener) to increase comfort and load bearing capability.

The belt has 4 D-Rings for attaching a dedicated load bearing harness.

The foam liner and plastic insert can be replaced if it wears out through the zippered pocket. Ballistic inserts are also able to be inserted through this pocket. 

Small      16 rows of Molle 
Medium  18 rows of Molle
Large      20 rows of Molle

IRR Treated 500D Cordura Laminate

***You will need a 1.25-2" rigid belt to use with this. Preferably something structured like a riggers belt or cobra belt***