Templars Gear PT6 Tactical Belt

Color - Ranger Green

PT6 Belt is constructed of laser cut CURV Thermoplastic and covered with Cordura laminate. It only weighs 150 grams (0.1 Lbs.)

The Tri-Point buckle can be swapped to any other 40mm buckle such as AustriAlpin Cobras. 

The belt with is 1.5 Inches and can accommodate MOLLE mounted pouches and slide through holster/pouch options. 

For proper sizing, while wearing your pants, run a measuring tape over where you would usually wear your belt. 

***This is not your waist size***
For example, my waist size is 36 but when I measure over the belt line while wearing pants, it measures 40 inches. Therefore, I am a size medium or large for this belt. It is recommended to go with the larger size to gain more MOLLE/PALS sections. 

Belt Length 34.5 - 39 inches

Belt Length 37.5-42 inches

Belt Length 39-43.5 inches

Extra Large 
Belt Length 43.5-48 inches

PT6 set consists of:

  • PT6 belt with buckle
  • Velcro underbelt
  • Laser-cut Velcro adhesives sections